Zero Code Semantic Orchestration Platform (oPaaS)

Gain Bi-directional Orchestrations with an operational database and business process engines for business clarity and decision-making
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A composable “Zero Code” and “No-Code” Semantic Orchestration platform acting as a middleware, orchestrator, real-time database, analytics engine and enterprise application builder seamlessly interoperating with existing enterprise data, market data, applications, machines, and things.


Self-adapting business rules and self-learning API / IoT engines


Real-time operational database and dynamic data models


Business context driven bi-directional orchestrations


AIML embedded insights and alternate strategies


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Traditional Orchestration Platform Challenges


Complexity of Achieving Unified Data Visibility

Inability to build a continuous dynamic unified logical data model which can understand the business context / semantic ontology of all internal, external, and market data, to bring immediate endless business and supply chain visibility with clarity.


Gaps in Real-Time Strategic Execution and Disruption Management

Inability to build a realtime actionable database which can support AI-driven alternate business strategies, and disruption management solutions missing in ERPs, SCM Apps, visibility platforms, analytics platforms, AIML platforms, data lakes, and data warehouses.


Limitations of Code-Dependent Process Enhancement

Inability to build process flows using the business context of the enterprise and the business context of the customers, suppliers, contract manufacturers, distributors, carriers, industry standards and regulatory requirements without tedious and expensive development life cycle.


Difficulties in Business Process Improvement

Inability to complete the business rule driven process flow approach due to lack of APIs to do every function in current applications and manual processes, and incuring huge tech debt on filling those white spaces.


Limitations of Current API and IoT Data Management

Inability to self learn any external API, and any IoT gateway output with its business context and use them bi-directionaly in business rule driven work flows without any hardcoding or low coding.

Customer Outcomes

Gain a Unified Logical Data Model


Understands the business context and auto maps semantic ontology across internal, external, and market data to bring immediate endless business and supply chain visibility with clarity.

Real-Time Unified Actionable Database with AIML


Execute alternate business strategies and disruption management solutions missing in ERPs, SCM Apps, visibility platforms, analytics platforms, AIML platforms, data lakes, and data warehouses. 

Zero Code Workflow Orchestration System


Allows enterprises to build and enhance the processes keeping the business context of the enterprise, customers, suppliers, contract manufacturers, distributors, carriers, industry standards and regulatory requirements without tedious and expensive development, ongoing deployment and maintenance life cycles.

Simplify with Self-Learning API & IoT Platform


Configure enterprise centric business solutions using external systems data, IoT data using UCBOS iPaaS, oPaaS layer, without any custom development, code maintenance or code deployment.

Enhanced Business Effectiveness


Increase in business effectiveness powered by prescriptive and predictive process flows and AIML engines focusing on improving the KPIs at the operational and business level.

UCBOS Technology Capabilities

With oPaaS, you gain access to numerous features: 

Dynamic Data Integration and Management

Auto create master data and transactional data in the realtime operational databse based on any data feed processed across all internal and external systems without rigid parent/child relationships or data feed sequencing constaints.

Intelligent Bi-Directional Orchestrations

By utilizing the API learning engines and the semantic datalake, invoke business rules to validate source & destination application restrictions or limitations while processing the messages and proactively invoke alternate bi-directional business solution orchestrations that would align with source & destination application data and configurations.

Real-Time Discrepancy Detection and Resolution

Utilizing the realtime event monitoring engines, if you see a data discrepancy between upstream and downstream systems then execute three way or four way matching to identify the reaons for the discrepancies to pinpoint configuration limits, or user errors, or integration data creation errors, or integration data processing errors, or other errors and trigger required actions.

Interactive End-to-End Business Solutions

Compose bi-directional business orchestrations and interactive solutions between the customer, partners, and consumers using the business context, realtime data, AIML predictive analytics, IoT learning engines and API learning engines to improve efficiency and customer experience.



Seamless Legacy, Cloud and AIML Integration

Rapid integration of legacy and multi-cloud IT applications data, sensor data, streaming data, and AIML input / output data using No-Code compositions technology without the necessity of development or deployment.

The UCBOS Advantage

Exhaustive Enterprise File types supporting Legacy, SaaS and PaaS handoffs

Exhaustive Enterprise Communication protocols supporting Legacy, SaaS and PaaS handoffs

Configurable API framework for plug and play orchestrations

Configurable Workflows for standard, exception and alternate business processes driven by realtime data


All-in-One Zero Code Solution

Singular Zero Code and No-Code platform that offers the combined capabilities that is separately available under Low Code App development platform, Multi-experience development, Citizen Automation & Development Platform, Intelligent business process management platform, decision management suites, Integration platform, and AIML Platform as a service.

The UCBOS Advantage

Data transformation, data enrichment, and orchestration configured on flexible business driven data models

Composable Business driven, user role driven GUI with data restrictions and analytics

Business Process Engine embedded with integration layers and user interfaces

Agile Ready to use Zero Code Application Builders

Responsive Progressive Apps


Industry-Agnostic Data Models and Orchestrations

Available with business centric predefined Unified Logical Data Models and Orchestration engines that are industry and vendor agnostic to fast track business application compositions.

The UCBOS Advantage

Dynamic Unified Data Model supporting diverse modules with flexibility to add business specific schemas and attributes at an enterprise level

Business configurable schema relations alleviating rigidity

Business process engine with access to Self-learning enterprise semantics


Industry-Specific AIML Models and Orchestrations

Available with business centric predefined AIML engines and Orchestration engines that are industry-specific to fast track business disruption prediction, planning failure prediction, and alternate business plans.

The UCBOS Advantage

Precomposed AIML solutions for Industry gaps

Hooked with Industry Leading Machine Learning and AI Algorithms

Continuous AI feedback loop orchestration through business process engines and integration layers

Builtin Operational AI Database with a Dynamic Unified Logical Data Model

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