Product Overview


UCBOS is a singular enterprise application composing platform that achieves supply chain convergence, orchestration, interoperability, and execution in days or weeks. It is the world’s first 100% no-code SaaS platform for supply chain visibility. UCBOS helps enterprises to compose and solve business problems by offering real-time lineage visibility, customer promise reliability, market sensing, prediction analytics, and scenario planning. It produces business outcomes by connecting customers, partners, market signals, systems, facilities, IoT, environment signals, and machines.

No-Code platforms

Story of UCBOS


Packaged vendor solutions have long been a go-to option for businesses seeking software solutions. While they offer convenience and a seemingly quick solution, they often fall short of meeting the dynamic and evolving demands of businesses today. Customizing these solutions to match the intricacies of a business can be time-consuming and complex, leading to longer implementation cycles.

Recognizing the shortcomings of traditional packaged vendor solutions, our president realized that businesses need agile, intelligent, and faster software that keeps up with customer mindsets, market volatility, and socio-economic changes. Inspired by the president’s vision, our engineers and business team members jumped into development immediately and created our first prototype

Shan Muthuvelu

Shan Muthuvelu

President & CEO

This initial version aimed to capture the essence of the vision but, much like traditional software, it had a few limitations. Our leadership and board members demonstrated remarkable persistence to find an approach that would not only address the issues of traditional platforms but also introduce flexibility and speed into the software development process.

After rigorous exploration and experimentation, a groundbreaking product emerged – Unified Commerce Business Optimization System (UCBOS). It was designed to overcome the limitations of packaged vendor solutions by offering a modular, flexible, and adaptive framework.

Since then, we have committed ourselves to expediting digital transformation at 10X business speed through innovative and unconventional methods by blending versatile members from multi-industry business expertise, legacy architecture, cutting-edge technologies, and a customer-centric mentality.

Our Zero Code Philosophy


At UCBOS, we redefine the norms of low-code and no-code by ensuring we neither generate code nor stitch rigid APIs. Our unique approach starts and ends with zero – zero data models, zero code, and most importantly, zero tech debt. Regardless of the number of compositions—be it one or a million—our commitment to a zero-centric methodology remains unshaken, carving out a path for IT and software companies toward a future free of code-related complications. We’re not just developing software, we’re reinventing it, delivering technology that’s true without code. Because to us, ZERO isn’t just a number, it’s the future.

Unlock new outcomes 10X Faster by extending your Legacy, ERP, and SCM! Don’t rip out anything!

Recognitions for UCBOS


Listed as a Technology Composition Application Vendor by Gartner

Listed as a Technology Composition Application Vendor by Gartner

Digital Innovator Award 2021 from Intellyx

Won the Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx

Listed as Business Orchestration Platform by IDC

Listed as a Business Orchestration Platform by IDC

Completed AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR)

Completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR)

Our Vision & Mission


We constantly focus on digital transformation by mitigating the enterprise ecosystem disparity to secure supply chain resilience, continuous operational innovations, intelligent automation, and beyond. UCBOS’s mission is to unlearn traditional software approaches and learn new ways of delivering business results by solving complex IT and Supply Chain problems through innovative, unconventional methods at the speed of business.



UCBOS has multi-faceted CSR programs. Our goal is to guide the next generation on tech through mentorship, industrial visits, and support of underprivileged students like first-gen college graduates, agriculture households, single-parent families, rural students with financial aid.



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