Vendor Accelerators

Augment your Manhattan Associates, Oracle and SAP applications
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Vendor Accelerators

A Semantic integration and orchestration platform with precomposed dynamic logical unified data models and precomposed “Manhattan Associates”, “Oracle”, and “SAP” Vendor accelerators built on semantic technology and 100% “Zero code” application builders.


Precomposed data migration solutions configured on logical data models, vendor application APIs and reconfigurable customer business rules


Realtime Actionable Command Centers readily marrying the metadata of both on-prem and cloud vendor applications with other packaged applications, customer data and market data


Precomposed add-on solutions and orchestrations interoperating with all the vendor applications and customer bespoke solutions filling in the white spaces


AI models directly updating the vendor application master data, configuration data and transactional data

Vendor Accelerators

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IT Challenges In The Cloud World


Lacking Self Adapting Data Migration Tools

Middlewares are providing the technology to build data migration tools but cannot understand the context of the data and readily become an operational database with reconfigurable business rules.


No Connective Tissues to Build Command Centers

Data warehouses and data lakes cannot readily understand the metadata and business context of vendor applications, enterprise data and market data.

Cannot Fill White Spaces in Cloud Applications

IT cannot build their own secret sauces and fill white spaces anymore in the new cloud world since they do not have access to cloud data and they cannot maintain a dynamic logical unified data model and compose metadata based applications.


Silo AI Innovations

Current AI providers work in silo, missing to encapsulate AI recommendations within the Supply Chain Orchestrations of the enterprise, and failing to provide continuous feedback loops.

Customer Outcomes

Differentiators at the Speed of Business


Understands every business and application context through semantics and allows IT and Business to fine-tune the precomposed SCM solutions or recompose alternate solutions.

Realtime Actionable Command Centers


Provides multiple realtime command centers with enterprise data and market data. Provides advanced analytics with drillable end to end lineages. Allows alternate strategies to be planned, simulated, approved and executed.

Gain IDC recommended Supply Chain Connective Tissue



Immediately allows IT to connect the data platforms, applications, APIs, IoT gateways and machines and provides levers to business to control flows, goals and metrics.

Gain Business Understandable AI Platform


Data Scientists and IT Architects can now operate in a single platform to prepare, treat, analyze, and model the data, to predict and prescribe outcomes to people, applications, machines and things. The entire journey is now viewable, explainable and controllable for the business architects.

UCBOS Vendor Accelerators Capabilities

With Vendor Accelerators, you gain access to numerous features: 

Data Migration Tools

Zero Code data migration tools to consume data from any legacy or existing application and push to SAP, Oracle and Manhattan. The tools migrate master data, transaction data, and configurations.

Command Centers

Precomposed Supply Chain Command Centers with Advanced Analytics, AI and Orchestration capabilities.

Add On Solutions

Few Examples: Precomposed accelerators such as Material Reselling for SAP, Material Dispatch for SAP, Manufacturing Inventory Management for Oracle Cloud Fusion, PO analysis for Oracle Procurement, API management for Manhattan, and Rule driven Label printing for Oracle.

Embedded AI Solutions

Precomposed Manufacturing AI, Retail AI and CPG AI Solutions.



Build Business Differentiators

Advanced Realtime Semantic Database built on Supply Chain Ontology to Compose SAP, Oracle and Manhattan augmentations.


Full Data Ownership

Enterprise-owned data and Full Ownership on a Realtime Multi Tenant Database; No need for a Replicated Database.


100% Composable IT and Business Flows

Supply Chain Integrations, UI Actions and Mobile Actions driven by business-centric workflows.


Zero Deployment Extensions

Extendable SCM Modules with Zero Technical Debt and Zero Deployment.


Business Function Level Data Security

Micro Data Control For Internal Business Functions and External Partner Business Functions.

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