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What Experts Say

“To succeed in today’s hyper-growth eCommerce world, businesses must build integrated solutions leveraging ERP, fulfillment, and warehouse software – in weeks or months, not years or decades. UCBOS makes that a reality!”

Kimberly Reuters

Ex-Amazon and Nordstrom eCommerce Leader


“The UCBOS platform delivers on the promise of accelerating speed to market while reducing the complexity and costs that are associated with the technology enablement of today’s complex supply chains!”

Nick Costides

Ex-President, UPS


Packaged Solutions are meant for Predetermined Business Cases. Todays’ Supply Chain is in a disruptive state, and nothing is going as per plan. We need dynamic flexible solutions that are driven by advanced data analytics and predictive programs to steer business decisions.

Venkat Gopalan

CDO/CTO, Belcorp



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