Zero Code AI Platform (AIPaaS)

Embed AI to increase business resiliency and mitigate disruptions
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A composable “Zero Code” AI Platform with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI capabilities such as Predictive Analytics, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, & Computer Vision combined with Supply Chain ontology (semantics) driven Data Integration, “Data Preparation, Treatment, and Analysis”, AI Modeling, xAI (Explainable AI), and AI Execution and Orchestration capabilities for Enterprises.


Enterprise-centric dynamic data model and a Semantic Operational database for AI Modeling


100% Composable Data Preparation, Analysis, AI Modeling, xAI, and AI Execution with Zero MLOps and Zero Code


Precomposed AI Solutions Interoperable with Legacy & Cloud Applications for informed decision making


Compose Unlimited AI Scenario planning with zero technical debt for any Industry


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UCBOS AIPaaS Overview

Data Preparation & Data Treatment and Analysis

  • Data Preparation​
  • Data Cleaning & Preprocessing​
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Feature Creation & Feature Engineering

  • Feature Creation
  • Feature Engineering
  • Feature Scaling

Model Training

  • Choose Model
  • Model Training
  • Cross Validation

Model Evaluation Metrics

  • Accuracy & Error Margins (Regression & Forecasting Models)
  • Recall and F1 Score(Classification Models)
  • ROC Curve and AUC(Classification Models)

Hyperparameter Tuning

  • Optimizing Model Parameters
  • Regularization
  • Model Selection Criteria


  • Widgets/Visualization
  • Filters and Interactivity
  • Real-time Monitoring

Prediction, Feedback Loop & Continuous Monitoring

  • Prediction from Trained Model
  • Feedback Loop using Dynamic Learning
  • Data, Model, Prediction Monitoring Report

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Embed AI to increase business resiliency and mitigate disruptions


    Traditional ML Development & Solutioning Challenges


    Rigid and Tedious Machine Learning Lifecycle

    Traditional MLAI solutions involve Data Scientists taking a solution based, informal process around Machine Learning lifecycle of data ingestion, data preparation, training, tuning, deployment and monitoring before enabling it for model execution resulting in longer turn around for every stage in Model Development. In that, MLOps takes significant time and cost as well.


    Too Technical For Business Collaborations

    Traditional MLAI Solutions require Business Architects and Operational Leaders to rely on IT Architects and Data Scientists to gain visibility, oversight and understanding of the Model Executions and their output.


    Inability to Build AI Outcome based Orchestrations

    Traditional MLAI offerings lack orchestration capabilities that allow to invoke scenario planning and decisioning, involving internal and external systems or APIs based on the output of the AI model execution and the application configurations.


    Lacking Business Intelligence

    Traditional MLAI offerings intended for the Data Scientists community fails to portray the “business intelligence” the business people are looking for from the model outcomes and execution outcomes.

    Customer Outcomes

    Fast Track Data Prep & AI Modeling without MLOps


    Zero Code Technology to prepare the data, compose the AI models, execute the AI models, and complete the feedback loop as an orchestration 10x faster with no need for MLOps. 90% Time and Cost Savings.

    Semantic Ontology driven AI Models and Orchestrations


    Compose, train and execute the AI Models, and compose the outcome orchestrations using the data context of the applications and the business context of the enterprise with out a single line of code; Zero technical debt; Zero development, maintenance and deployment cost.

    Real-time AI Insights for Specific Industries


    Increase in business effectiveness with real-time AI insights and recommendations generated by the AI platform to make informed decisions for specific industries such as Manufacturing, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods ensuring the success of AI initiatives.

    A Disruptive AI Platform


    Gain a Single platform which provides MLAI capabilities like Predictive Analytics, Neural Networks, NLP, & Computer Vision, and is built on a semantic realtime operational database facilitating seamless data integration, preparation, treatment, analysis, AI modeling, xAI (Explainable AI), AI execution, AI output data creation and final outcome orchestrations.

    UCBOS Technology Capabilities

    With AIPaaS, you gain access to numerous features: 

    Scalable SaaS AI

    Available as a SaaS offering at scale, pay for only the data usage with unlimited model algorithms for Text, NLP, Structured, Computer Vision, and Analytics including explainability.

    Zero Code ML Modeling

    Build end to end ML models for all the business needs without any development, and compose data preparation, data treatment, data analysis, AI modelling, xAI (Explainable AI), and AI execution to orchestration without any dependency on MLOps.

    Smart ML Model Selection

    Use the same data for various models and pick the best model. Create high end visualizations for business users and end users with interactive dashboards with role based access control.

    Guided Solutions For Every Industry
    Empower business users with AI Modeling. No need to learn PySpark or other MLAI frameworks. Use the step by step guide to learn the precomposed solutions and compose new AI Solutions missing for the business.
    Invoke Models through Diverse Access Methods

    Call the trained model manually or through API or through process automation and use the output to enable orchestration against external third party systems.

    Bring Your Own In-house ML Models

    Bring your own in-house ML Models to the platform for training and execution.



    Eliminating MLOPs

    A true Zero Code AI Platform which allows end-to-end AI modeling and execution through 100% configurations and zero deployment eliminating any need for MLOps.


    Enabling The Business Lens on AI Outcome

    Advanced Business Analytics and Explainability on the AI outcome assisting the business to see the outcome through the business lens and make decisions.

    All-in-One Zero Code AI Platform

    Singular Zero Code AI platform that offers the combined capabilities that are separately available under AIML Platform, Low Code App development platform, Multi-experience development platform, Intelligent business process management platform, decision management suites, and Integration platform as a service.


    AIML Continuous Feedback Orchestration

    AI model execution engines interoperate with all the scenario planning and orchestration engines and APIs providing the required AI data and also the required instructions to the external applications and complete the feedback loop without any manual actions.


    Industry-Agnostic Data Models and Orchestrations

    Available with business centric predefined Unified Logical Data Models and Orchestration engines that are industry and vendor agnostic to fast track AI model compositions and business application compositions.

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