Manufacturing AI

Embed AI to increase manufacturing operations efficiency and supply chain efficiency
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Manufacturing AI

A comprehensive AI/ML platform solution offering, covering the entire breadth of manufacturing operations and its supply chain, providing solutions for lead time insights, demand forecasting, production scheduling, inventory management through optimization as well as dynamic slotting, predictive maintenance, quality management. Delivers tangible business outcomes and helps orchestrate the business processes based on the outcome from the well trained AI/ML models with deep analytics.


Enterprise-centric dynamic data model and a Semantic Operational database for AI Modelling


100% Composable Data Preparation, Analysis, AI Modelling, xAI, and AI Execution with Zero MLOps and Zero Code


Precomposed AI Solutions Interoperable with Legacy & Cloud Applications for informed decision making


Compose Unlimited AI Scenario planning with zero technical debt for Manufacturing

Manufacturing AI

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Traditional Manufacturing Operational Challenges


Lack of Visibility to Supply Chain Lead Times

Lack of visibility to lead time trends, across various domains of supply chain leading to inefficient planning and results, affecting customer satisfaction.

Lack of Intelligent Inventory Optimization Solutions

High inventory carrying cost, less than optimal use of warehouse space, low operational efficiency, due to lack of intelligent options for managing and executing inventories.


Downtime of Critical Assets

Unplanned downtime, high maintenance cost, lost customer orders, less than optimal factory performance affecting customer experience.

Ineffective Quality Management

Reduced product yield, high customer returns, impacted revenue, high manpower cost, high rework cost, regulatory non-compliance risk due to ineffective quality management techniques, lacking automation and continuous/proactive monitoring and actions.

Inaccurate Demand Forecasts

Inaccurate forecasts for demand of products leading to inventory management issues, conflicting production schedules and capacity plans, jeopardizing the overall business plan.

Customer Outcomes

Visibility to Supply Chain Lead Time with Greater Accuracy


Real time prediction of lead time for procuring material, manufacturing the finished product and to commit for customer order fulfillment. Forecast of the lead time based on historical occurrences and causal factors with greater accuracy, providing deep insights.

Optimized Inventory Management


Improved warehouse efficiency through AI/ML driven dynamic slotting techniques – more storage, faster picking, reduced cost. Optimize inventory levels, reduce inventory carrying cost with intelligent inventory optimization techniques.

Future Ready Predictive Maintenance


Improved uptime of critical assets, well managed assets, improved efficiency and productivity, reduced maintenance costs, through AI/ML driven predictions and prescriptions.

Quality Management Excellence


Improve product quality, reduce wastage, reduce product returns and recalls, improve production efficiency through continuous monitoring, automated approach and deep analytics.

Accurate Demand Forecasts and Production Excellence


AI/ML driven demand forecasting, capacity planning and production scheduling for enhanced accuracy and efficient production operations.

UCBOS AI Technology Capabilities

With Manufacturing AI and AIPaaS, you gain access to numerous features: 

Zero Code ML Modelling

Build end to end ML models for all the business needs without any development, and compose data preparation, data treatment, data analysis, AI modelling, xAI (Explainable AI), and AI execution to orchestration without any dependency on MLOps.

Smart ML Model Selection

Use the same data for various models and pick the best model. Create high end visualizations for business users and end users with interactive dashboards with role based access control.

Guided Solutions For Every Industry

Empower business users with AI Modeling. No need to learn PySpark or other MLAI frameworks. Use the step by step guide to learn the precomposed solutions and compose new AI Solutions missing for the business.

Interactive End-to-End Business Solutions

Compose bi-directional business orchestrations and interactive solutions between the customer, partners, and consumers using the business context, realtime data, AIML predictive analytics, IoT learning engines and API learning engines to improve efficiency and customer experience.



Eliminating MLOPs

A true Zero Code AI Platform which allows end-to-end AI modelling and execution through 100% configurations and zero deployment eliminating any need for MLOps.


Enabling The Business Lens on AI Outcome

Advanced Business Analytics and Explainability on the AI outcome assisting the business to see the outcome through the business lens and make decisions.

All-in-One Zero Code AI Platform

Singular Zero Code AI platform that offers the combined capabilities that are separately available under AIML Platform, Low Code App development platform, Multi-experience development platform, Intelligent business process management platform, decision management suites, and Integration platform as a service.


AIML Continuous Feedback Orchestration

AI model execution engines interoperate with all the scenario planning and orchestration engines and APIs providing the required AI data and also the required instructions to the external applications and complete the feedback loop without any manual actions.


Industry-Agnostic Data Models and Orchestrations

Available with business centric predefined Unified Logical Data Models and Orchestration engines that are industry and vendor agnostic to fast track AI model compositions and business application compositions.

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