Compose Your SCM Transformation

The UCBOS extension complements traditional best-of-breed on-prem solutions, cloud solutions, machines, and things in an unprecedented way and empowers enterprises to manage their dynamic and time-sensitive business needs without technology barriers.

Platform in Action

Don’t Rip Out Everything.

Digitalize your legacy, ERP and SCM through UCBOS composable assets! 

Digital Trends
Shan Muthuvelu, UCBOS

Build a solution for you connecting the policies, procedures, systems, data, including all the latest machine learning all by yourself without a single line of coding.


Shan Muthuvelu

President, CEO of UCBOS 

Harness Your Data to Map, Predict, and Act

Map Your Supply Chain

Map Your Supply Chain

Your partners and their partners’ supply chain​ for ultra-visibility and seamless integration

Define your Business Context

Define Your Business Context

By establishing a common meaning across your business​ for insights to sense patterns and triggers

Compose Business Capabilities

Compose business capabilities

Configure dynamic solutions with scenario planning, prescriptive algorithm and unleash them by business cases, policies, and procedures

Before UCBOS 

As part of the transformation, businesses are taking multiple approaches:

Single Vendor Approach – Adopting to Cloud Solutions – Implement Business Process Automation – Develop Apps on Module level – Develop Custom Enhancements – Adopt to API & Microservices Architecture

It leads to this sample eco-system with a multitude of solutions with vendor dependencies with the bulky cost of ownership and longer solution time.

Compose Your SCM Transformation

UCBOS State-of-the-Art Architecture


100% No-Code

100% Metadata

100% NoSQL

AI/ML Engine

Intelligence Embedded Digital Integration Hubs

Business Process Management

UCBOS Initial Transformation Diagram

UCBOS Initial Transformation

The UCBOS extension is both straightforward, extendable, and time-friendly compared to traditional models.It allows enterprises to prioritize the mission-critical business needs without ripping existing eco-systems or developing custom code. It helps businesses to deliver short-term goals and meet long-term gains without pivoting from their original plan.

UCBOS State of the Art Functional Capabilities

Business Systems and Application Builders

Predictive Analysis and Business Execution


End to End Semantic Orchestration

Multiple & Multilevel Business Hierarchies

Define “n” number of Business Entity with “n” number of hierarchies with user and data level restrictions​ and build business logic around those business fields

Multi-Experience Screens

Dynamically assemble Widgets, Services, Graphs, and Mobile apps with CRUD features for any business objects irrespective the object source system 

Self-Adapting Platform

Self-learn disparate domestic, external schemas and enrich master schemas as needed everything without a single of line of code

Execute Limitless Hypothesis

Predict outcomes from custom schemas, fields of interests, and user-defined restrictions with live data  

Digital Process Automation

Automate business flows by predicted values, user approval, internal and external events  

UCBOS Progressive Transformation

The UCBOS extension enables enterprises to be effective in their transformation journey. It aids your road map and saves cost on purchasing, implementing, and maintaining redundant software solutions. As a PaaS or SaaS, UCBOS allows you to add unlimited business capabilities.

UCBOS Progressive Transformation Diagram



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