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In 2021, Global Retail eCommerce Sales are expected to be 4.48 trillion – eMarketer 

Free delivery consistently ranks as the most critical delivery consideration for eCommerce purchases, with a fast delivery ranking second.


Compay Name: UCBOS, Inc.
Bio: UCBOS, Inc. is an Atlanta based global technology firm with the mission to provide the world’s first “No-Code Enterprise Application Platform” and revolutionize the notion of the composable enterprise.  Its vision is to simplify Automation and AI/ML technologies and make them practical for business, operations, and IT to adapt and transcend coding, industry, and business limitations.

Enterprises were already struggling to cater to this free shipping mindset, but the black swan event further complicated the situation with contactless service models. It forced all enterprises to reconsider their fulfillment models. Contactless curbside pickup and porch-side pickup are now deemed as essential services and are unavoidable in the post-pandemic world.

The No-Code platform makes it relatively fast to build contactless forward and reverse logistics solutions compared to traditional models.


Many enterprises are forced to invest in building contactless features, yet some creatively repurpose existing technologies like the last mile.  If managed correctly, it is efficient to combine last mile and contactless as long as the last-mile shortcomings are addressed before enriched for contactless service. The known challenges of last mile include

  • Integrating last-mile provider delivery systems with the central supply chain systems
  • Governing last-mile providers’ delivery location and delivery SLAs
  • Last-Mile Cost

Traditionally, retailers partnered with established carriers to provide last-mile delivery. It works for national and long-haul delivery services with many deliveries (stops) and low drop sizes where same-day delivery is not in the equation.

An Accenture survey shows that 29% of US shoppers have abandoned an order because same-day delivery wasn’t available, and 81% of customers are unwilling to pay more than $5 for same-day delivery, setting the expectation that retailers absorb incremental costs.

In short, Consumers are demanding free, speedier delivery and flexible delivery windows and the ability to redirect orders in real-time, which the traditional last-mile delivery model is not designed to fulfill.

On average, the total cost of shipping for the last mile is 53 percent of the overall delivery cost.

This means we need a massive network to bring the cost down where partnerships are handy. UCBOS allows you to take advantage of your partner ecosystems and optimize your overall last-mile cost. Businesses can design and configure a personalized decision-making solution and use the model for all permutations and combinations.

last-mile providers

Cracking the last mile and contactless features is crucial to meet the customer experience, as 90% of shoppers track their online orders’ delivery status and believe delivery needs to fit in with their hectic lifestyles. 

UCBOS offers a future-proof, future-fit solution that handles immediate business needs and adapts to future business circumstances and road maps. It aids enterprises in integrating their partner ecosystems with their own systems like customer service portals, order capture systems, order fulfillment systems, store inventory systems, and first-mile, mid-mile, and last-mile transportation systems. It allows enterprises to create a canned view of their supply chain objects, such as the bill of lading, and enables the last-mile provider to confirm the contactless pickup and delivery process with zero coding.  Digital assets like door number images and videos can be uploaded as part of a proof of delivery and integrated back to retailers’ core systems.

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