What is the 

Composable Enterprise?  

The Composable Enterprise is the next-gen application and software model that disrupts the way the applications are designed, developed, supported, and managed at large.  

It is not a radical thought but logical improvisation to service-based architecture.  


Compay Name: UCBOS, Inc.
Bio: UCBOS, Inc. is a USA-based No-Code Software firm helping enterprises achieve strategic business advantage through a 100% Configurable Supply Chain Platform that delivers business outcomes 10x faster. Its vision is to help enterprises self-learn, adapt, and achieve ontology-driven interoperability using dynamic business data models and rapidly gain supply chain clarity, customer promise reliability, and business agility.


Table of Contents


The Middle Ground


Business Success


The Model

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The Digital Race

Enterprises are pressed to improve customer experiences to gain and sustain market share. 

Time to Innovate and Time to Market are the spirits of this new race. There is no doubt that data silos and monolithic legacy systems with interconnected business functions are making the digital race extremely  complicated 

The Middle Ground

Models like Managed File Transfer(MFT), Services Oriented Architecture(SOA) and Enterprise Service Bus(ESB) are failing to address the time to market and talent shortage gaps.  

Monolithic applications leveraged MFT and ESBs to organically transform them and deliver on Integrated Applications Demand. However, primary business functions within the monolithic system remain in silomode; thus, innovations and deployments are timeconsuming and cumbersome. APIs, Microservices, and Services Architecture are aiding enterprises in delivering on customer experience, but challenges remain with team collaboration, talent gaps, and accelerating change.

They are granular and technical by nature, making them inaccessible to non-technical members, and requiring technical subject matter expertise to implement and troubleshoot The middleground is composable enterprise thinking that allows internal teams to develop custom business solutions at an enterprise scale where code development, system integrationand multifaceted team collaboration are fluid 

Composable Enterprise thinking mitigates vendor dependencies, custom integrations, data silos, and costly upgrades, and competing roles and redundant projects are avoided with its architecture.  

Composable Enterprise Platform must provide solid architecture where innovations are safe and fast yet mitigate the current challenges that IT projects. 

Composable Enterprise Model encourages agility in delivery, multicultural team collaboration, and composable business functions that are critical for the business continuum 

Composable Enterprise Platform Architecture encompasses 4 layers:

  1. User Experience Development Framework  
  2. Intelligent Embedded Integration Framework  
  3. Security & Governance Framework 
  4. Business Components Development Framework  

The platform empowers multifaceted teams to collaborate and develop meaningful business functions that resonate with business users. They allow diverse groups to deliver on their shared objectives to accelerate the change. Ideally, a low code or nocode solution offers that edge to each team, so technology is not a barrier to accomplishing business transformations.   

The intelligenceembedded integration framework should transform multimodal enterprise data and curate it for operational research, generating valuable insight from currently siloed application information. It is essential to curate machine learning ready data, which lot of enterprises are struggling in existing ecosystems. 

composable enterprise outcome

Business Success

In today’s world, personalization and customer experience are pivotal to business success.  

UX designs can be personalized for employees, customers, vendors, consumers, and the preferences of each individual.  Centralization, reusability, consistency, and traceability yield security and serviceoriented architecture to enterprise users.  

The Model

The outcome of the model is fully functional packaged business capabilities that can be standalone yet are not too tiny or bulky to manage.

 In addition, composable architecture allows the internal team to experiment with machine learning, AI, and Automation, building their secret sauce while delivering consistently fast outcomes.  It adds a huge advantage to business transformation without external dependencies.  

composable enterprise outcome

The composable platform encourages the internal fusion team to achieve fast and safe innovation and showcase the return on investment.   This further helps enterprises to explore componentized payment method and contract negotiations to explore the “Pay for Value” (ValueEx) method and save on shelfware and hidden costs.  



    • Invest in the low or no-code platform built on the composable philosophy  
    • Prioritize the model of composable enterprise in all inhouse development and avoid all project-centric investments 
    • Establish Fusion teams, and set up shared business transformation goals to induce innovations 


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