The UCBOS Platform

Decision Support Systems

How do decide what is best for your organization? Who makes the decision are they driven by technology?

A Progressive organization spends 6% of revenue on technology

Augmenting IT and Business with the Composable Platform reduces 2/3 of your cost and brings your R&D roadmaps out in 3 times the speed!

Technology Driven Decisions are Priceless 

Scenario Planning with the UCBOS Platform

Digital Officers prefer to model what-if scenarios that are near-term or long-term to plan operations. UCBOS offers the dynamic preemptive modeling platform that invokes multiple source systems for values, triggers ML/AI engines (when needed), and email domain owners with plausible outcomes for future planning.

technology driven decisions, technology driven, 3pl logistics

Initiatives of type “Optimization“ have already proven in the market with satisfied tactical cost reduction and service-level improvements.

Initiatives of type “Transformational” (AI, machine learning to improve demand sensing and predictive analytics), allowing the supply chain to develop the advanced digital capabilities required to achieve future corporate goals. 


Empower 3PLs with the Decision Support Framework from the UCBOS Platform

Orchestrate loads between a multitude of transportation systems involves multiple integration hops and decision points that are both manual and systematic.  3PLs optimize transportation cost by Cost, Service levels, Order Attributes, and Customer SLAs. Identify optimal carrier (first-mile, mid-mile, and last-mile) including incoterms, and augment load planner with consolidated view improves the labor efficiency.  Orchestrate loads to appropriate transportation systems, customer experience channels as per load planner preference reduces the effort in cross-checking carrier availability, overall cost, and load creation steps in respective systems.


technology driven decisions, technology driven, 3pl logistics