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The UCBOS™ Platform is every enterprise customers’ business platform. UCBOS™ rapidly self-learns your end to end business systems, vendors, competitors, customers, data schemas, digital assets, APIs, internal and external business data with zero code. UCBOS™ comes with many built-in application modules and engines. In addition to that, enterprises can build their proprietary modules using our no-code application builders and intelligence embedded engines for any department or device in no time. UCBOS™ enables both business and IT to build with no-code, end to end what-if scenarios to predict, analyze and execute the process flows based on expected outcome. UCBOS™ is the only platform in the market now with full business role driven capabilities to enable any enterprise, agnostic of their industry, to achieve complete digital transformation to connect all systems, things and people with zero code and 100% metadata.


Achieve digital business transformation to improve customer experience, sales volumes and meet shareholder expectations

Ideal for Executives

Model business ideas, enhance end to end visibility, predict outcomes and achieve end to end business optimization

Ideal for Business Operations

Envision & execute on the technology roadmap and build composable enterprise assets in significantly less time and cost

Ideal for IT

Business Cases

Fulfillment Forecasting based on Gartner Research

Industries: Retail, FMCG, Distribution, & Healthcare, etc.

Switch channel or discontinue?

Industries: Retail, FMCG, Distribution, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Home Goods, & Electronics, etc.

Supply Chain Optimization due to Climate or Weather Changes?

 Industries:  Retail, Manufacturing, Automobile, FMCG, Healthcare, FEMA, & WHO, etc.

Enterprises are investing in multimillion dollar IT programs to deliver business transformation initiatives that often involves systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning System, Master Data Management System, Supply Chain Planning and Operations SystemsCustomer Relationship Management Systems, Supplier Systems, Marketing and Sales Portals, MachinesSensors, and Social Economic Data points for data analysis, pattern prediction & prescription to make informed decision making process and orchestration. UCBOS’s No-Code Bespoke Application Builder empowers enterprises with a platform to streamline and achieve Endless Business Orchestration and Execution, Enterprise Visibility, Prediction and Prescription, Realtime Aligned Decision Making, End to End Supply Chain Convergence and machine learning projects.  


Business Understanding

Data Source Discovery

Data Wrangling



Model Validation

Data Acquisition

Governance and Security

Model Activation

Model Deployment


Application Integration

Production Audit Procedure

Model Behavior Tracking

Value Realization – ROI Analysis

KPI Validation

Value Realization – ROI Analysis

KPI Validation

Value Realization – ROI Analysis

Value Realization – ROI Analysis

Business Cases

Discount more or send all to outlet?

Industries:  Retail, Manufacturing, Automobile, Food & Beverages, etc.

 Lot and Serial Traceability – Reverse Logistics

Industries: Food, Beverages, Healthcare, Electronics, & Automobile, etc.

How much to buy and hold & where?  

Industries:  Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, etc.

Operationalizing Innovation

More & more enterprises are turning towards technology to achieve business growth, improve efficiency and retain the market share. Ironically though, the advancement of business technology presents its own set of challenges. An interconnected platform utilizing an unconventional approach is necessary to solve these deep-rooted problems faced by modern enterprises. The UCBOS™ platform complements traditional “best of the breed” and cloud solutions in an unprecedented way as it empowers enterprises to manage their dynamic and time sensitive business needs through a Composable Asset Model which is both straight forward, extendable, and time-friendly compared to traditional models.

System Restrictions

Business users are restricted from performing analysis across numerous applications. Legacy applications are siloed and rigid. Bulky integration layers and expensive internal applications in various databases and platforms are becoming impediments. The UCBOS™ platform offers zero-coding on metadata and semantic architecture.

Predictive Engines

Configurable predictive engines that intake evolving business conditions and suggest plausible outcomes are lacking. The UCBOS™ platform is designed with self-learning and AI embedded engines. 

Best Practices

Rolling out best practices across all businesses is time-consuming and expensive. The UCBOS™ platform is scalable and self-adapting to the new roadmap. 

Expansive - Expensive Skillset

Varying skillset of programmers & support engineers is needed to accommodate various tech stacks. The UCBOS™ platform is intuitive and user-friendly. Application builders are designed to be built by users without coding experience. 

Time to Market

New business solutions, upgrades and integrations are expensive and tedious to build. Industry analysts recommend a rapidly composable solution to improve time to market. The UCBOS™ platform offers application builders the ability to build a composable solution that gives a unique advantage to all businesses.


End to End business visibility & execution capabilities across the IT & business ecosystem is unavailable. The UCBOS™ platform is the master digital business platform that talks to all Mode 1 applications and IoT platforms. 


 Application performance during peak business hours and volumes demands prior planning. The UCBOS™ architecture is a highly agile, scalable, available and performable platform. 

IT Modernization

Enterprises are focusing on maintenance and integrations to keep the lights on. The UCBOS™ platform offers cloud support, intelligence embedded integrations and event-driven technologies. 

Business Cases

Managing supplies across all hospitals for a firm at a doctor level

 Industries: Healthcare

Business Acquisitions- Mergers – Co-Ops- Partnerships 

Industries: Marketplace, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Food, Beverages & any business where supply chain could be a competitive advantage across all industries

Managing supplies across all airports for an airline at the aircraft level  

Industries: Food, Beverages, Healthcare, Electronics, & Automobile, etc.

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UCBOS, Inc. is an Atlanta based global technology firm with the mission to provide the world’s first “No-Code Enterprise Application Platform” and revolutionize the notion of the composable enterprise.  Its vision is to simplify Automation and AI/ML technologies and make them practical for business, operations, and IT to adapt and transcend coding, industry, and business limitations.


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