Business Orchestration Platforms

Drive Value and Increase Supply Chain Resiliency

How can companies achieve real-time visibility, agility, and resiliency without an interconnected supply chain ecosystem? 

Supply chain leaders understand what their experiences over the past few years are telling them and are in search of the “connective tissue” necessary to connect disparate tools and data sources to enable truly integrated decisionmaking.

Simon Ellis

Program Group Vice President, Global Supply Chain Strategies, IDC

As businesses grow and expand, their supply chains become more complex and difficult to manage. Supply chain leaders are always looking for ways to improve their various operations and make them more efficient and more resilient in the face of supply chain disruptions as Simon Ellis mentions above. One crucial aspect of this is connective tissue, which refers to the how disparate tools, systems, and data should and can be connected

UCBOS, a composable no-code business orchestration platform, drives value and increases the supply chain resiliency of enterprises in all industries.

IDC claims “Data transformation and the connective tissue to bridge siloed systems and functions and become collaborative at scale opens the door to transforming the supply chain into a competitive advantage”. 

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