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Customer Promise Reliability

Customers are expecting 100% reliable promises and they also want to be part of the decision making in getting the full sourcing, supply chain and delivery experience. This is possible only if we can map the supply chain and partner’s supply chain, and bring interoperability between the customers, partners, systems, markets, machines and things.

Customer Promise Reliability
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Gain Reliable Customer Experience

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Sourcing Changes to Keep Customer Promises

Time to augment the procurement systems to interoperate with market signals, environment signals, supply chain signals and above all the customer who wants to be part of the sourcing and fulfillment journey.

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Fulfillment Changes to Keep Customer Promises

Omni channel is not just inventory availability and routing anymore. Time to interoperate between your weather systems, customs cleareance systems, data platforms such as project 44, suppliers, carriers, DCs, Stores, 3PLs, and even your competitors to make fulfillment changes to keep customer promises.

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"Make" Changes to Keep Customer Promises

Market variability is disrupting any inhouse manufacturing or contract manufacturing strategies that enterprises have in place today. Time to make dynamic decisions based on capacity, outsourcing contracts, production scheduling, labor availability, price variations, alternate ideas, and out of the box thinking.

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Pick Up Changes to Keep Customer Promises

Customers want their omni channel experience to be more interactive and at the same time they want those decisions to be socially responsible, sustainable, personable and financially favorable. Enterprises have to make customer facing platforms, systems, apps, and supply chain systems interoperate now. Customers are willing to get fewer shipments or pick up from store at the last minute or pick up for a friend or drop at a returns facility if it has a positive impact on the people it touches and the community they live in.

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First Mile Changes to Keep Customer Promises

Time for enterprises to provide dynamic decision making capabilities to first mile companies. In the modern connected world, decisions can be altered for better customer experience, speed, and cost when the first mile companies physically touch the product. Enterprises have to provide cloud based, mobile ready adapatable solutions to their first mile companies where the decisioning algorithms are managed by the enterprise IT and business.

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Redefining Service through IoT

Customers are expecting product and service vendors to service them proactively without them called in for a product replacement, or a service. In the connected IoT world, we should interoperate between customers, things, and systems and redefine service.

Overcome Any Variability 10x Faster

Mitigate Supply Chain Disruptions

to Keep Customer Promises

Augment Customer Experience beyond Practical Challenges

Interoperate between all SCM and ERP to evaluate real-time customer experience and act on logistics delays, inventory inaccuracies and supplier mishaps without asking systems to change.

Augment Customer Experience
Kimberly Reuters

 “To succeed in today’s hyper-growth eCommerce world, businesses must build integrated solutions leveraging ERP, fulfillment, and warehouse software – in weeks or months, not years or decades. UCBOS makes that a reality!”

Kimberly Reuters 

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Fortify Every Supply Chain Link for Business Resiliency

Recent business disruptions exposed inefficiencies in the supply chain, making retailers realize that old playbooks are not good enough and new rules must be written to sustain the new normal.

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