Fortify Every Supply Chain Link for Business Resiliency


Recent business disruptions exposed inefficiencies in the supply chain, making retailers realize that old playbooks are not good enough and new rules must be written to sustain the new normal.


Compay Name: UCBOS, Inc.
Bio: UCBOS, Inc. is an Atlanta based global technology firm with the mission to provide the world’s first “No-Code Enterprise Application Platform” and revolutionize the notion of the composable enterprise.  Its vision is to simplify Automation and AI/ML technologies and make them practical for business, operations, and IT to adapt and transcend coding, industry, and business limitations.

The recently exposed inefficiencies in the global supply chain have made one thing painfully clear: the playbook followed by retailers worldwide is insufficient, and new approaches are urgently needed.

During the pandemic, retailers couldn’t react fast enough to changes in market behavior, exposing their supply chain weaknesses to consumers. What’s more, the approaches that had worked in the past often exacerbated the problem. An example is the erroneous stocking up inventory, which further worsened the situation – a predicament that could have been avoided if their data systems were in real-time.

business resiliency

56% of shoppers said they planned to shop earlier to avoid stockouts, versus 42% last year – Deloitte’s pre-Thanksgiving pulse survey

The issue is widespread: Only three in 10 executives rated their organizations as having mature digital capabilities. Accordingly, many are planning “major” investments in e-commerce, contactless capabilities, and store technology upgrades. However, even with low code solutions, the deployment time of these initiatives is still often prohibitive.

Whats more, the stakes have never been higher, as retailers worldwide face life-or-death decisions in the face of constant disruption. In this new world, Supply Chain modernization is front and center, with 8 of 10 executives expecting moderate to major supply investment in 2021. 

Supply chain resiliency is achievable through end-to-end integration, visibility, and transparency.

Retailer executives understood that clear visibility into their supply chain networks—spanning multiple vendors, suppliers, distributors, warehouse operators, store workforce, and delivery partners  is essential. It fortifies every link, including reverse logistics. However, setting up such an interface has been a multi-year task – until now.

Enter UCBOS. The platform integrates every link in the supply chain ecosystem irrespective of the geo, business unit, warehouse, store, channel, partner, or things – without needing a line of code 

“An end-to-end supply chain is what needs to happen—companies should be looking at manufacturing all the way to the final mile. COOs are going to have to drive this change.” – Deloitte partner with 20+ years of supply chain experience

Through intelligence embedded integration and machine learning, businesses have access to unified business data instead of application-level data. In simple terms, the customer experience team no longer needs to jump between order management system, vendor system, warehouse system, store, logistic provider to confirm the order background, current status, and delivery schedule. The platform aggregates the data from disparate sources and presents the information in business language, and users are not required to be aware of technical know-how.  A high level of efficiency and security features are embedded in orchestrating information flow without a single line of coding 

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