Enterprise Asset Automation Delivers Business Agility

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Improved Customer Experience

Inventory Accuracy & Clarity


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The customer is part of hospitality industry and growing the business with collection of distinguished properties around the world. They own a total area of 6,500 m², and a gross built up area of 10,000 m² with an estimated annual production capacity of 2000 hotel rooms. They are very much committed to provide the best experience to their guests during their stay.


  • Asset reconciliation is manual, labor intensive, and erroneous
  • Inability to tag assets with barcode labels and track them against the master data management solutions
  • Asset reconciliation impacts checkout SLAs and invoicing procedures
  • Lacks real time integration with the source system that holds master asset data
  • Inability to plan preventive and predictive Maintenance schedules, work order assignments, and labor planning.
  • Total cost of ownership is not accurate


  • Designed Custom Labels in various types and sizes to augment assets with barcode scanning
  • Seamless integration of asset physical count results back to master data management systems
  • Enabled system tracked maintenance schedules, labor effort tracking, parts replacement history
  • Streamlined check out and invoicing process


  • Established an enterprise level asset management solution that is capable of tracking and scanning assets in 100% systemic process
  • Solution enabled enterprise owners with real time visibility of inventory count, statuses, maintenance schedules, availability status, and the involved cost associated in owning versus renting the asset
  • Minimal manual interventions led to better customer experience
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