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Supply Chain Clarity

Customers, Partners, Consumers, and Enterprises are looking for ultra visibility from the supply chain, market, IoT, machines and environment. They want the visibility to be realtime providing comprehensive details about product origins, labor, approval, QC, temperature control, hazardous conditions, human touches, machine touches, customs tracking, custody tracking, document tracking, digital asset tracking, process tracking, and customer engagement tracking.

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Gain Supply Chain Excellence

supply chain clarity

Supply Chain Mapping of the Enterprise, Partners and their Partners

Enterprises want to map their supply chain all the way to their partners’ supply chain and also to the partners’ partners supply chain. This is to fully track and build alternate strategies assuming the failure could happen in any part of this supply chain due to any of the partners, and the partners’ partners.

supply chain clarity

Handoff Tracking

In global business, we have customers and partners at various technology maturity level. Irrespective of where the companies and people are, we need a comprehensive handoff tracking solution which can track paper documents, EDIs, Flat files, Delimmited Files, XMLs, JSONs, office documents, label files, reports, images, videos, and pdfs.

supply chain clarity

Environment Signals Impact on Inventory

Enterprises want to augment their current supply chain and commerce systems with signals from the environment to reroute inventory, change pricing, change selling divisions, change selling channels, change promotions, change merchandising strategies, fine tune sku rationalization, etc. based on weather impact on shipments and weather impact on customers.

supply chain clarity

Spoilage Dynamic Re-Allocation and Rerouting

Enterprises are looking for ways to smartly track perishable goods and make timely decisions to sell, consume, donate, return or dispose. We need to interoperate between various commerce and supply chain systems, and also understand global standards such as GTIN and at the same time accomodate non standard data.

supply chain clarity

Heat Exposure Product Impact Rerouting

IoT moderinization is providing heat exposure signals in real time at the vessel, container, load, shipment, trailer, pallet and even package level. Bringing interoperability between commerce, supply chain, and IoT is expected by enterprises to make alternate decisions to reroute, reallocate, consume, donate, return or compose.

supply chain clarity

Lineage Tracking for Source of Labor

Post covid customers are looking for lineage tracking of the people, their locations, their living / working conditions, and the policies and procedures applied on them in producing or shipping the finished goods and raw materials. Customer engagement has become KEY for Retail, CPG, Food, Groceries, and Healthcare customers.

supply chain clarity

Inventory Accuracy Real-Time Checks

Inventory inaccuracy impacts your On Time in Full shipments, inventory cost and customer service. If you are interoperating between all your inventory systems including ERPs, Enterprise Inventory, Plant Inventory, Warehouse Inventory, Store Inventory, and Returns Inventory at a realtime transaction level then Enterprises can auto diagnose the point of failures in systems, integrations, processes, program logic, data or configuration.

Overcome Any Variability 10x Faster


Enterprise Visibility

Augment Supply Chain Decisions 10x Faster 

Dynamic Decisions from any source to any destination based on customer expectations, business metrics, sensor signals, contract SLAs, partnerships, company policies, facility procedures, demand, supply and inventory.

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 “UCBOS has taken a different approach. Developers can use UCBOS to implement a full complement of supply chain-related process-centric applications that leverage data from SCM applications without writing any code.”

Jason Bloomberg

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