The UCBOS Platform

Rapid Solutioning 

Are your projects taking months and years? Is your slow speed to solution impacting your ability to innovate?

Immediate Business Gains

Reduce IT Spending on Development by up to 50%


Reduce Implementation Time by up to 75%

Reduce Business Project Cost by up to 50%

Save on Integration Build Time by up to 90%

Reduce Legacy & Custom App TCO by up to 75%

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Rapid Consolidation of M&A Ecosystems

Drive Business Agility 

  • Simplifies the technology consolidation effort by rapidly integrating both firms’ ecosystems
  • Streamline both businesses operations’ ecosystems by visibility and seamless orchestration to deliver faster ROI
  • Build a single source of truth platform and enable leaders to learn the business performance
solution, rapid solutions, business agility,
solution, rapid solutions, business agility,
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Configurable Responsive SCM Apps

Do Not Code – Do Not Generate Code

  • Design UIs and Mobile Screens without coding or generating code
  • ​Allow Business Analysts to Configure and Automate Business Processes
  • ​Connect all your Internal, External APIs through configurations and visualize enterprise applications’ data in business context

Discover the Composable Business Outcomes


© UCBOS, Inc. is a USA based business composable supply chain technology firm with the mission to provide the world’s first “No-Code Supply Chain Transformation Platform” and revolutionize the notion of the composable enterprise. Its vision is to let enterprises self-learn, adapt and glorify a logical business data model, fast track solutions, and adapt to new technologies including AI, ML and IoT in days or weeks that fits their business, supply chain operations, and IT roadmap. 

This end-to-end SCM platform for 100% semantics, 100% metadata, 100% supply chain, 100% composability, 100% No-Code and 100% NoSQL is powered by MarkLogic.

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