Elevate Oracle Cloud Applications with a

No-Code PaaS Platform

The Cloud Transformation journey requires migrations, co-existence, PaaS customizations, and upgrades. That makes each cloud implementation distinct and varies by partner, industry, domain, and enterprise preferences. Oracle Cloud Applications are no exception to these phased milestones.

A PaaS no-code platform effectively maneuvers transformation challenges without technical debt.


UCBOS complements the Oracle ecosystem by helping clients augment and extend the solution implemented through the Oracle Cloud suite of modules.

Semantic Augmentation

An agile and adaptive extension to unlock business outcomes 10X faster and smarter

Augment your existing ERP and supply chain systems using metadata and semantic capabilities

Dynamic Unified Logical Data Model

Unified data model converges the data points across the ecosystems beyond IT standardizations, functional modules, systems, and data types and presents the current state of a customer order, manufacturing schedule, truck stop, inventory positions, and whatnot. As a result, associates can inquire and make business decisions.

Data Agility

The constant state of disruption unveiled that the current business ecosystem is architected for foreseen outcomes.  It’s time for your data to make a jailbreak out of the silos and increase agility by bringing meaning to the data and making systems interoperate. A more agile unified data model augmented with automated semantics technology is critical for supply chain agility.


Semantic interoperability augments existing systems and integrations to ensure that the precise meaning and context of exchanged data and information is preserved and understood throughout every exchange without coding.

Solution Types

Simplified Business Specific Processes and Workflows

Simplified and Business Specific Sourcing Cycle within the Procurement Ecosystem

Mobility and Automation-based Extensions

Managing Maintenance Operations on Mobile

Automating Physical Count of Fixed Assets

Enabling RFID/Barcode based Business Operations

Atypical Solutions not found in an industrialized & packaged solution like Oracle Cloud SCM/ERP

Treating Fixed Assets like Current Assets in managing the requests

Fulfillment in EPC industries without impacting the inventory valuation aspect within Oracle SCM Inventory/Costing modules