Get Ready to Design Your Supply Chain for Variabilities and Complexities

Business Agility

Post covid, businesses want to be ready to overcome any disruptions whether it is related to technology, logistics, weather, market or pandemic, faster and smarter. They want the agility to plug and play with technologies, cloud solutions, partnerships, colloborations, and alternate business ideas.

business agility
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UCBOS Offers Stability Amongst Variabilities

supply chain clarity

Business Mergers and multi ERP / SCM ecosystem orchestration

A Dynamic Unified Logical Data Model connecting business objects and insights using English-like rules enables enterprises to interoperate between multiple ERPs and multiple IT eco systems without forcing the two companies to merge all their systems, tables and data into a single application or single relational data model or data warehouse. UCBOS allows multiple versions of every business object to co-exist. Meaning, you can have 10 item master definitions, 5 PO definitions and 20 Sales order definitions.

supply chain clarity

Logistics Collaboration with Businesses Serving the Same Customer

Enterprises are looking for ways to co-buy, co-receive, co-store, co-sell, co-ship, co-return and co-service with other enterprises. Businesses are even open to co-ship with competitors to save on time and cost, and reduce carbon footprint. UCBOS enables this business collaboration to happen faster and smarter

supply chain clarity

New Lines of Business during Disruptions

Businesses are not able run anymore with the same product lines, same channel partners, same selling strategies, same peak trends, same customer base, and same client engagement. Variabiities is forcing them to try new lines of business every few months without a huge capital or expense.UCBOS allows businesses to explore new ideas quickly beyond technology barriers

supply chain clarity

Rerouting in First Mile through Dynamic Allocations

Time for enterprises to provide dynamic decision making capabilities to first mile companies. In the modern connected world, decisions can be altered for better customer experience, speed, and cost when the first mile companies physically touch the product. UCBOS offers cloud based, mobile ready adapatable solutions to enterprises first mile companies where the decisioning algorithms are managed by the enterprises’ IT and business.

supply chain clarity

Market Signal Impact on Procurement Decisions

Feed procurement systems with prescriptive input based on market variabilities such as currency fluctuations, demand pikes, return trend, and customer sentiments for accurate decisions. UCBOS facilitates an outside-in approach for making decisions justifiable.

supply chain clarity

Dynamic Appointment Automation

For true logistics collaboration, enterprises are looking for solutions where they can automate and dynamically consolidate their pick ups and drops through appointment creation and scheduling without asking any partner or warehouse to build any custom integration or application to manage variations in POs, ASNs, Loads, Shipments and Orders. UCBOS enables it for them in zero code way

supply chain clarity

Dynamic Dock Scheduling

Warehouses, Hubs, Stores and Plants are interacting with a long list of partners, carriers, customers, last mile delivery companies, and even individual delivery personnels. UCBOS enables them with  composable dock management and scheduling solution without any rigid integration needs.

Overcome Any Variability 10x Faster

Compose Value Chain Ecosystem

Post Mergers & Acquisitions

Augment Supply Chain Decisions 10x Faster ​

Dynamic Decisions from any source to any destination based oncustomer expectations, business metrics, sensor signals, contract SLAs, partnerships, company policies, facility procedures, demand, supply and inventory.​

business agility, agile supply chain
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 “The UCBOS augmentation delivers on the promise of accelerating speed to market while reducing the complexity and costs that are associated with the technology enablement of today’s complex supply chains!”

Nick Costides

Ex-President, UPS


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