The UCBOS Platform

Achieve Visibility

Having trouble seeing all aspects of your supply chain? Do you want real-time visibility?

Immediate Gains


Eliminate up to 100% of Siloed Business Analysis

Eliminate Middleware License Cost by up to 100%

Save the Throw Away Dev Cost by up to 100%


Merge New Businesses with almost Zero Additional Budget


Achieve up to 100% Vendor Access at the Data Level

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Leverage Visibility for Optimization

Gain visibility into outsourced business functions and monitor KPIs from the UCBOS™ Platform

Outsourcing Business Functions is a smart move. Not having an end to end visibility into extended business operations does not put anyone in a safe spot.  End to end visibility enables the opportunity to improve the bottom-line and reveal new business services.

visibility, end to end visibility, supply chain
visibility, end to end visibility, supply chain

Track and trace valuable assets within the digital value network from the UCBOS™ Platform

Losing money in Pallets? Track your pallet from vendors to warehouses to stores through UCBOS™ composable solution. Build accounting logic to charge-back damaged, missing pallets without development time.

Discover the Composable Business Outcomes


© UCBOS, Inc. is a USA based business composable supply chain technology firm with the mission to provide the world’s first “No-Code Supply Chain Transformation Platform” and revolutionize the notion of the composable enterprise. Its vision is to let enterprises self-learn, adapt and glorify a logical business data model, fast track solutions, and adapt to new technologies including AI, ML and IoT in days or weeks that fits their business, supply chain operations, and IT roadmap. 

This end-to-end SCM platform for 100% semantics, 100% metadata, 100% supply chain, 100% composability, 100% No-Code and 100% NoSQL is powered by MarkLogic.

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