UCBOS Transforms Transportation for a Leading Auto Manufacturer – Success Story 

Client Overview

Client is a leading auto-manufacturers, who is in the process of transitioning from a completely manual approach to a fully automated process. The client operates within a dynamic ecosystem, relying on third-party fleets and engaging with over 100 leading transport vendors. Their fleet comprises over 10,000 vehicles, facilitating more than 500 dispatches daily. 







ERP System


Applications Involved

Challenges Faced

  1. Dispatch Assignment and Communication Challenges:
  • Daily load assignment to 500+ dispatches via manual email communication. 
  • Transporters’ acceptance or denial process mainly relies on emails/calls, leading to delays and missed participation. 
  • Vehicle details sharing by transporters occurs post-acceptance via email. 

  1. Fleet Chaos at Plant Entrance:
  • Excessive wait times and chaos among fleet drivers at the plant entrance to secure priority entry. 

  1. Document Validation Burden:
  • Security personnel face challenges in validating documents (e.g., Driving License, Vehicle Registration, Pollution Certificates) before gate entry and exit, adding complexity to the process. 

  1. Limited Customer Visibility:
  • Customers, especially auto-dealers, experience minimal visibility into their consignment status, affecting overall satisfaction. 

  1. Complex Freight Revision Process:
  • Managing daily fuel price fluctuations across regions. 
  • Determining appropriate rates based on monthly averages and seeking approvals through a multi-layer process. 
  • Loading the latest freight rates into the ERP system adds another layer of complexity to the process. 


UCBOS delivered a comprehensive, fully automated solution to tackle the encountered challenges from start to finish. 


1.Automated Fleet Assignment: 

  • Streamlined load assignment to different transporters. 
  • Vendor portal for load acceptance/denial with notifications. 
  • Load acceptance triggers vehicle-assignment with necessary document uploads.

2.Operational Streamlining: 

  • Auto Document Validation: Automated validation of driving licenses, vehicle registrations, and other essential documents. 
  • Auto Appointment Creation: Dedicated timeslots for each load to streamline entry and exit processes. 
  • Security Portal: A dedicated portal for security personnel with pre-checked documents, easing entry and exit validations.

3.Enhanced Visibility: 

  • Complete Visibility: GPS and sensor integration for real-time fleet visibility. 


4.Automated Freight Management: 

  • Automated Freight Rate Calculation: 
  • Monitors fuel rates, notifies users for freight rate approval. 
  • Integrated with ERP for seamless rate updates. 

5.Comprehensive Dashboards: 

  • Multiple Dashboards: Admin, Vendor/Transporter, and Gatekeeper dashboards for efficient monitoring. 

6.Seamless Integration and Adaptability: 

  • UCBOS Integration: No-code platform, seamlessly integrated with the client’s ERP. 
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Workflow-based approach allows easy adaptation to future changes without downtime. 



 Streamlined Operations and Significant Time Savings: 

  1. Hassle-free daily operations. 
  2. A 95% decrease in missed or delayed assignments. 
  3. Elimination of chaos at plant entry/exit points. 
  4. Significant time savings for truck drivers and security personnel. 
  5. Establishment of a transparent operational system. 

 “The UCBOS augmentation delivers on the promise of accelerating speed to market while reducing the complexity and costs that are associated with the technology enablement of today’s complex supply chains!”

Nick Costides

Ex-President, UPS


supply chain resiliency

UCBOS: A Visionary Solution for Manufacturing Success: 

UCBOS is a transformative solution designed to assist manufacturers facing analogous challenges. Operating on a cloud-based infrastructure, it offers effortless plug-and-play functionality and seamless integration with other systems. Built on the UCBOS no-code platform, it ensures adaptability for future enhancements, featuring an AI engine for data-driven optimization and profound insights. 

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