Data, Agility and No-Code: Three Trends for the Future of the Supply Chain

February 25, 2021 3:00pm EST

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Join us for a discussion on three technology trends, examples of how they impact supply chain operations, and how your organization can take advantage of the technology trends and deliver results today while preparing for the future. 

Advances in technology are shaping the future of the supply chain. These three trends are key to adopting these advances in your organization.

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Integrating data in an actionable and reliable way to power new capabilities 

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Flexibility for people and process, not just projects 

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Adopting tools that let distributed teams quickly create reliable solutions using critical technology resources. 

The Speakers

Kimberly Reuter
Global SCM expert and Market Expansion Strategist, joins us with more than 20+ years experience in the import/export industry with Fortune 500 companies like Ford, Target, and Amazon.

Steffanie Ness
Vice President, UCBOS, will be hosting our webinar. She brings 20+ years assisting Fortune 500 customers organizations reinvent how they leverage their data.

Matt Turner 
Strategic Advisor and Technologist, joins us as the former Chief Strategy Officer of Manufacturing at Marklogic. He brings 20+ years in helping organizations get the most from their data.

What you will learn:

  • How new approaches can help tackle real world supply chain problems including optimizing in-store fulfillment, reverse logistics and carrier crunches.   
  • How to better adopt new technology including no-code.
  • What it takes to build the supply chain of the future.
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