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    Achieve supply chain clarity, customer promise reliability, and business agility through a No-Code Configurable Supply Chain Platform

    UCBOS platform empowers enterprises to compose on-demand supply chain solutions that are Smarter, and Flexible to unlock new business outcomes 10x faster

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    The client is a fulfillment specialist for many major bath and plumbing product retailers, distributors, and eCommerce companies. Differentiated by service and stock, they are dedicated to building strong partnerships with their customers. Has multiple directly owned and third-party operated warehouses.



    The customer is part of hospitality industry and growing the business with collection of distinguished properties around the world. They own on a total area of 6,500 m², and a gross built up area of 10,000 m² with an estimated annual production capacity of 2000 hotel room. Very much committed to provide the best experience to their guests during their stay.



    Environmental regulations that require companies to report their emissions has led to the need for an unintrusive way to track operational output of greenhouse gases. Unfortunately, most transportation and carrier management systems offer all in one option whereas it is not realistic to have single vendor for all business units or companies.

    Overcome these challenges with a

    Configurable No-Code Supply Chain Platform

    Overcome these challenges with a Configurable No-Code Supply Chain Platform

    limited visibility

    Limited Visibility & Prediction

    Being able to understand changes in the supply chain and quickly react as well as being able to use patterns of activity to predict outcomes and take preventative action is difficult. This can make it hard to:

    • Accurately predict or prescribe
    • View true real-time visibility across the business and hence cannot take actions on events
    • Effectively use AI and ML

    Disjointed Convergence & Orchestration

    Connecting operational activities with coordinated actions across your supply chain network needs to be continuous. Integrate outside of your organization with virtually any system. This can impact your ability to:

    • Adapt to your ever-changing supply chain network in time
    • Truly connect Suppliers, Customers and Consumers through Systems, Apps and Things (IoT)
    • Perform Scenario Planning and Process Automation

    Slow Speed to Solution

    A complex, hard to maintain tech stack means deploying new solutions can take years. It also makes it hard to maintain enterprise governance, quality and reliability. This limits innovation because too much effort is needed for maintenance.

    • Time to market takes years
    • Maintenance eats into innovation
    • Enterprise governance is laborious
    • Too many tech stacks
    • Way too many black boxes
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