Zero Code Semantic Integration Platform (oPaaS)

Acquire a composable Zero Code oPaaS Platform to gain both Interoperability and Business Application Composition capability with agility, high speed, and low cost 


A composable “Zero Code” and “No-Code” Semantic Orchestration platform acting as a middleware, orchestrator, real-time database, analytics engine and enterprise application builder seamlessly interoperating with existing enterprise data, applications, machines, and things. 


Achieve agility and streamline data sharing.


Gain visibility across your existing ecosystem.


Interoperate at speed across your external systems.


Monitor and Manage your Integration at Scale


Ease of use with end-to-end Composition


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oPaaS Solution Overview


Boosted Operational Efficiency: oPaaS streamlines business operations by integrating advanced automation, reducing manual tasks, and cutting operational costs, all within a unified platform that enhances system efficiency and agility.


Scalable and Future-Proof: Designed for growth, oPaaS scales effortlessly with business expansion and adapts to emerging technologies, ensuring long-term operational excellence and innovation. 



Flexible Workflow Customization: oPaaS offers customizable workflow options tailored to specific business needs, supporting everything from basic automation to intricate operational processes for optimal performance. 

Traditional Orchestration Challenges

Organizations struggle to create a unified data model that captures the full business context of their data, limiting visibility and insight across business and supply chain operations. This challenge is compounded by the inability to develop a real-time, actionable database that supports alternative strategies and disruption management, a feature missing from current ERP systems, SCM applications, and data platforms. Additionally, establishing process flows that incorporate the business context of various stakeholders and adhere to industry standards is hindered by expensive and lengthy development cycles. 

Moreover, integrating external APIs and IoT outputs into business workflows without extensive hardcoding remains a significant hurdle, reflecting the limitations of current systems in adapting to new technologies and business requirements. The lack of necessary APIs further restricts the completion of a business rule-driven process flow, underscoring the challenges organizations face in achieving operational efficiency and innovation within their existing technological frameworks. 

UCBOS Technology Capabilities

With oPaaS, you gain access to numerous capabilities: 

Intelligent Data Object Identification

Smartly identify data objects based on varying attributes across different data sources. Create distinguished master data and transactional data objects for diverse business functions.

Sunsetting Rigidity

Decouple rigid point-to-point integrations between applications, ensuring seamless interoperability even during system upgrades or replacements, without recoding. 

Universal Data Creation

Auto-create master and transactional data across internal and external systems without constraints on data relationships or sequencing. 

Business Centric Rules

Invoke business rules to validate source and destination application restrictions while processing messages. Proactively invoke alternate business processes as needed. 

Data Discrepancy Resolution

Execute three-way or four-way matching to identify data discrepancies between upstream and downstream systems, triggering required actions.

Empower Your Digital Ecosystem: Flex Beyond SaaS Limits with Our Semantic oPaaS Solution 

Gain a Zero Code Integration Platform


UCBOS offers a zero-code integration platform, eliminating technical debt, development costs, and maintenance expenses. Experience continuous platform upgrades. 

Rapid IT Ecosystem Integration  


Achieve risk-free, rapid IT ecosystem integration without development, deployment, or data conversion costs. Reduce integrations by 50%. 

High Speed to Market and Immediate ROI   


Realize high-speed market entry and immediate ROI on IT optimization projects, saving up to 90% of time and costs. 

Enhanced Business Effectiveness  


UCBOS delivers real-time operational databases powered by prescriptive and predictive engines, improving operational and business-level KPIs and metrics. 

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