How Do We Respond to Supply Chain Disruptions Faster and Smarter?

Embracing Semantic Supply Chain Augmentation with No-Code Technology Makes You The Boss 

Gain Data Agility and Interoperability through    Semantic Augmentation for Supply Chain Resiliency

A UCBOS enabled enterprise composes and solves business problem chains across the supply chain using semantics and dynamic unified logical data model. It produces business outcomes connecting customers, partners, market signals, systems, facilities, IoT, environmental signals, and machines.


Map Your Supply Chain

Your partners and their partners’ supply chain​ for ultra-visibility and seamless integration


Define Your Business Context

By establishing a common meaning across your business​ for insights


Compose business capabilities

​To adopt policies and procedures and streamline business flows, while using English-like Rules​

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Customer Promise Reliability

supply chain clarity

Supply Chain Clarity

business agility

Business Agility

Unlock new outcomes 10X Faster by extending your Legacy, ERP, and SCM! Don’t rip out anything!

A Supply Chain Ecosystem typically possesses installations of various ERPs, multiple “best of the breed” modules of packaged SCM software, various legacy systems, warehouse automation systems, and 100+ vendor customizations and IT developments.

Each is, by design, tailored to deliver only a predetermined outcome. Adapting faster to external signals and market variabilities, and enforcing a common meaning, policy or procedure across the supply chain is missing in this ecosystem.

Overcome Any Supply Chain Disruptions

10X Faster by Adapting

logical data model

Dynamic Unified Logical Data Model

Converges the business and market data through learning and self-adapting engines as insightful Business Objects rather than Rows and Columns, and presents the multi-dimensional view of the business in real-time
data agility

Semantics Based Data Agility

Bring Common Meaning to Application Data, Machine Data and Sensor Data to derive insights and apply English-like Rules, Workflows, Policies and Procedures for Data agility



Making disparate systems understand each other for solving complex problem chains above the silos through dynamic unified logical data model and semantic-based business objects without changing current ERPs, SCM systems, and integrations

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 “UCBOS brings End to End Visibility, End to End Process Automation and End to End Aligned Decision Making all into a single massive platform for faster supply chain convergence and digital transformation. Very Impressive!”

Tim Payne

Vice President, Research, Gartner



What can a UCBOS enabled enterprise achieve?

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outcome blue

Outcome Prediction & Orchestration


rapid solutioning blue

Rapid Solutioning


decision support blue

Decision Support Systems


Industry Perspective

Check out what Industry Experts have to say about UCBOS!

Supply Chain Digital Transformation Barriers Podcast
The Top 3 Supply Chain Digital Transformation Barriers

In this episode of Supply Chain Now, hosts Scott Luton and Greg White welcome Kim Reuter with CSG Consulting and Shan Muthuvelu with UCBOS to the podcast to discuss the the top barriers to digital transformation.

Digital Innovator Award
UCBOS Wins the 2021 Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx

Intellyx, the industry analyst firm dedicated to digital transformation honours UCBOS joining the inaugural class of their 2021 Digital Innovator Award.

UCBOS Podcast
Semantics Supply Chain Augmentation Short Panel Discussion: Shan Muthuvelu of UCBOS, Inc. & Lora Cecere with Supply Chain Insights

Listen to our CEO Shan Muthuvelu and Lora Cecere of Supply Chain Insights talk about Semantics supply chain augmentation, Ontology and an Unified Data Model on a short panel discussion.

Download Our Brochure

Want to learn more about UCBOS’s semantic supply chain augmentation? Download our brochure and see how the UCBOS extension can help your enterprise with the use of semantics, interoperability and a dynamic unified logical data model.

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System Integrator


UCBOS, Inc. is a USA-based business composable technology firm with the mission to augment the supply chain through semantics. Its vision is to let enterprises self-learn, adapt and glorify dynamic logical business data models for interoperability to fast track solutions, and embrace new technologies including AI, ML, and IoT in days or weeks to achieve supply chain clarity, customer promise reliability, and business agility.


UCBOS is 100% semantics, 100% metadata, 100% supply chain, 100% composable, 100% No-Code and 100% NoSQL.

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