Fulfillment Excellence through Supply Chain Clarity

Smart Planning to Predict, Analyze and Execute what if Scenarios   

Business Outcome

  • No more spreadsheets for statistical analysis
  • Achieve Supply Chain Clarity in a single system that is 100%
  • Configurable in No-Code Platform
  • Achieve Systemic productivity and performance tracking by setting key drivers and various trigger points to achieve optimal KPIs for every operational activity
  • Ability to predict the reasons behind decline in labor productivity and performance, decline in OTIFs, and Orders missing SLAs
  • Ability to build scenarios and execute plan Bs to meet SLAs within the cutoff time


Company Ecosystem

Company Background

customer 1

The client is a fulfillment specialist for many major bath and plumbing product retailers, distributors, and eCommerce companies. Differentiated by service and stock, they are dedicated to building strong partnerships with their customers. Has multiple directly owned and third-party operated warehouses. 


customer 1
  • Customer’s fulfillment operations have strict SLAs and end customers are critically impacted by missed deliveries since products are needed for time sensitive residential and commercial projects.
  • Due to the recent supply chain shipping challenges and labor shortages, client is not able to come up with alternate planning before the cutoff time.
  • Client is spending lot of time pulling all data into spreadsheets to build statistical models. They are also not able to compare past and current trends real time to take the required actions.
  • Client is not able to set KPIs in their current systems to track and improve performance and provide training.
  • Client is not able to systemically plan what if scenarios.


customer 1
  • Tap into the Unified Logical Data Model with ERP and SCM data through two to three smart UCBOS integrations
  • Build End to end real time visibility of their users, master data, warehouse inventory, in-transit inventory, labor productivity, labor performance, order volume, order fulfillment status, and OTIF inside UCBOS
  • Tap into labor capacity, and operations capacity inside UCBOS.
  • Evaluate KPIs and mitigate driving parameters inside UCBOS
  • Compose Smart Planning grids to perform what if scenarios
  • Compose Smart Analytics to predict and analyze statistical models
  • Compose Smart Analytics to perform time slot analysis (10 minutes intervals)
  • Compose Smart Analytics to model and analyze user groups.

 “To succeed in today’s hyper-growth eCommerce world, businesses must build integrated solutions leveraging ERP, fulfillment, and warehouse software – in weeks or months, not years or decades. UCBOS makes that a reality!”

Kimberly Reuters 

Ex-Amazon and Nordstrom eCommerce Leader


supply chain resiliency

Fortify Every Supply Chain Link for Business Resiliency

Recent business disruptions exposed inefficiencies in the supply chain, making retailers realize that old playbooks are not good enough and new rules must be written to sustain the new normal.

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